Lonesome Dangers

by Johnny Pants

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After losing his lover, a drunken scientist is abducted by aliens. Meanwhile, a martian discovers romance on Earth.


released February 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Johnny Pants Hartford, Connecticut

Jangly, wistful, alien tunes.

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Track Name: Chapter
Driving for 99 hours, I've lost my soul
I don't see the road
It's so damn cold
But at least, I've got my humor.
Sinking in mud, I think it's love
I'm so fed up with waking up
At negative six in the morning

I just wanna read Calvin & Hobbes
Laid out on a log with booze in my mug
Getting drunk cuz I've got no job
And what the hell is time?

Tired of virtual games and virtual loves
this virtual life, this virtual drug.
Staring at a lit-up screen.
I got a pretty girl writing me things
But I've no clue what it means
I'm a little more concerned with leaves
Track Name: Lonely Martian
Track Name: She Don't Trust Scientists
I am chemistry
The way I thought it'd always be
No proof of ghosts and prayers
No sign of pretty life out there
When I was young how could I be so bold?
I told her that soul don't exist

My lovely caller
I see you in the trees and water
But I told her souls don't exist
So she don't trust scientists anymore
I heard her singing songs as I stared into the pond

What was once a pristine lab
Is now a dusty picture from the past
I haven't put my lab coat on
Since the day that things went wrong

She left to be a star
Left in the night in my old car

Star shining.
Track Name: Ette
I'm a little rusty at this
Forgive me if this seems amiss
I saw the humans dancing
They seem to be in total bliss

Life in your own colors
Filter out the hue that got you
Stars in black and white
Roll the credits once our happiness is found
Roll the credits, take a bow

Teach me how to find it
And I'll teach you how to fly this ship
Teach me how to get her
And I'll teach you how to turn to mist
Track Name: Carousel Lights
On a summer night
The light on your eyes
Like endless stars
My heart sings
Remember when we watched the sunset
On the Hollywood Hills together

Awake and asleep
In a dream
I want to stay
But you snapped out

Lying in bed
Your hands explore mine
I try to save this moment
Gone in the dark

But your eyes
Like carousel lights
That old ride
Will shut down and fade away
That old ride
Into ever-receding time
Track Name: Danger Lights
You and I drinking black coffee
And I'm staring at your boots
Counting the straps

And it's always little times like this
Where I go back to reminisce
Cuz now I feel so far from there

The danger lights were right above
I panicked, but I stared
And the flames they circled round
And the light shone down
Right on me
I think it's alright to be scared
I need you, but you'd never believe I'm here

Look at the fire in the sky

I was a boy swimming in the pond
Where the crickets sang their songs
But somewhere I forgot
How we got here
Track Name: Starlight
You are the only one
Searching for me
The chairs sit in the den
An old forgotten friend

You are the only one
In my picture frame
Lost in you and me
A sordid fantasy

It's all gone
I try to really speak
It's all lost
You never hear me
Now I'm gone
And all that comforts me
Is starlight in my dreams
It's all I ever see

You are the only one
Searching for me
I try to give you time
I'm memorizing lines

You are the only one
Keeping me here
First we'll hide in woods
My final frontier
Track Name: Feeling Lost
It's been too long
Since you wrote me a song
About all those flying lights
That you saw at your bedside

Have you ever felt lost
Where you'll never recall
The walls of your old pictures
We lounged inside the den
You made an honest friend
Out of me

When you looked in the mirror
You seemed a little off
It didn't sit quite right
At your bedside
Track Name: Floating Alien Dream
When I was just a pip
Those grassy hills, they used to dip
And I would spin in place
Until I flew through outer space

I never thought I'd meet
A slimy, spooky, scary creep
Who heard just what I said
And only cared what's in my head

They couldn't see my stupid hair
Or my lack of dental care
They couldn't see at all
They just sensed my inner soul

These galactic China dolls
Were just floating lights I saw
All they were was energy
They were devoid of paranoia
They had no sense of me

I'd rather be a beam
Floating through a dream
Track Name: Maybe I'll Come Around
Maybe I'll come around
When I'm tired of feeling down
Maybe we can work it out
Come on darling, let me in

What is my disguise?
What am I trying to hide?
Track Name: Dorothy in the Poppyfield
We are a field of flowers
Some grow in the shade
I never saw their real colors
To me, they just looked gray

It was the time of my life
But if you asked me about it
I might've lied
We can never go back

When creatures feel so alone
You don't know what they're worth
Cuz that ain't their soul
We can never go back